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Vessel Tracking and Operations

We track vessels all over the world, whether at sea or in port. The MariTrace platform tells you exactly where a ship is, and what is going on around it. Weather changing? Piracy risk ahead? We know about it as it happens, which means you, and your vessel, do too. MariTrace offers more than just passive tracking. Levels of customisation, and active features such as geofencing and text alerting mean you can set up a proactive monitoring system that suits the needs of your business, and your clients.

Real-time Satellite AIS Vessel tracking

We monitor hundreds of thousands of vessels worldwide, from tugs to tankers. With our intuitive interface, it’s simple to find vessels of interest (be they your own vessels or not), and start tracking them at extraordinarily competitive rates.

Advanced Map interface

We use a familiar Google Maps interface that can be enhanced with 40 different data overlays, giving you and your company real insight into the changing nature of the maritime and business environment.

Advanced filtering

Using our advanced filtering techniques, you can search the entire world fleet to find, in the right location, all of the vessels of most interest to you, your business, or your competition.

Vessel database

Our vessels aren’t just dots on a map. Rather, each vessel within MariTrace comes with up to 35 data-points and any number of historic data-points such as positions, draught changes and port calls.

Port database

We continuously monitor over 3,500 ports worldwide for vessel movements, weather, characteristics, country-data and bunker-fuel prices and allow you to save your own data on ports directly within the interface.

Custom Geo-fences

Use MariTrace to draw directly onto the map and create custom geo fences that can be used to identify places of interest – but also in conjunction with the alerts and advanced filtering tools, as well as our business information tools, to give extreme flexibility and infinite configurability for the user.


MariTrace can notify you by email or SMS for up to 14 different types of alert, from knowing when your vessel’s ETA has been amended, to being informed when vessels of certain characteristics enter or leave any area you define.


MariTrace has an integrated SSAS module that can process SSAS messages from your on-board hardware and alert any of your staff, whether MariTrace users or not. By blending AIS data and SSAS data, you can continue to monitor your vessel’s position after the SSAS alert has been disabled on the bridge.

AMVER integration

Use MariTrace to comply with the United States Coast Guard computer-based voluntary global ship reporting system to assist search and rescue authorities to arrange for assistance to persons in distress at sea.

Piracy Database

Complete access to our proprietary database of over 6,500 piracy incidents worldwide, including the ability to filter that data on a huge number of fields, view the incidents on a map, as a heat-map, in charts or in graphs.

Piracy Risk Assessment

We can provide all the information required to successfully plan a voyage: real-time data, historical information, and predictive analysis, utilising everything from traffic density to piracy incidents and security threats to help you understand the risk profile of a trip.


As well as allowing access to 20 different weather charts for over 3,500 ports worldwide, MariTrace allows you access to 9 different weather overlays for your map including 7-10 day forecasts.


With an almost infinitely-configurable dashboard at your fingertips, you and your colleagues can view in a single page all the data pertinent to you and your business in a single place.

Transit planning

Using MariTrace’s transit planning tools allows you to pinpoint exactly when your fleet is oversubscribed or undersubscribed at any given time and allocate resources accordingly. Once a transit is complete, you can view and report on the entire transit, or identify when vessels have been spending too much time in port.

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