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Ship tracking, intelligence, and data

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Vessel Tracking

World class satellite AIS tracking, operations, mapping, alerts, security and risk assessment tools.

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Maritime Intelligence

Competitor intelligence, commodity tracking, fleet benchmarking, fleet populations and trading prices.

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MariTrace is a market leading vessel intelligence company.

MariTrace's History

By bringing together experts with decades of experience in maritime technology, data analytics, vessel tracking, and software design, the management team have a unique blend of skills and experience which help to create products that will add value to your business, aide you in meeting regulatory compliance and enhance business efficiency and decision making.

MariTrace was formed out of the Quintillus group in 2012 with the sole ambition of creating solutions that provide value added services to the maritime and financial industries, ranging from Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) to Shipping Company CEOs, and from brokers to hedge funds. By focussing on these core areas and utilising the expertise of the management team, they continue to evolve their products in an agile environment to keep pace with the ever changing demands of the maritime industry.

Management team

The management team have been drawn together by their experiences and passion for maritime security and analytics and the key personnel at MariTrace are:

Thomas Owen - MariTrace's Managing Director

Thomas Owen

Managing Director

With over a decade of experience in the risk management sector and maritime security, Thomas was one of the pioneers in creating the first global piracy prediction algorithms. He has lead development teams at leading institutional establishments and now focusses on heading up the user experience and soft design for the MariTrace suite of products.

Simon Rathbone - MariTrace's Director of Software Development

Simon Rathbone

Director of Software Development

Simon has over 15 years of experience in the software development industry. He worked globally creating high quality solution to meet customer requirements, and is highly skilled in software specialities such as MS SQL, VB.NET, JavaScript and satellite data technology integration.

Edward Brunyee - Finance Director

Edward Brunyee

Finance Director

Chartered Accountant with Deloitte Entrepreneurial Business before moving into Transaction Services, Innovation and Investment Banking. Edward recently founded Olive May Group, a venture firm that partners with niche technology companies to develop and deliver innovative products to industry.

Will Ellison - Commercial Director

Will Ellison

Commercial Director

After graduating as a naval architect, Will worked as a deputy underwriter for the Standard P&I club in London and Singapore. He then joined Solis Marine Consultants who specialise in marine casualty management and investigation, developing their expertise in the use of vessel tracking for risk management and incident analysis.

Peter Karos - Strategic Advisor

Peter Karos

Strategic Advisor

Peter is the founder of Argonaut Maritime Investment, Inc. He has been involved in financial markets for 22 years working at both hedge funds and pension managers in addition to investing and consulting in the maritime sector with Argonaut. Peter brings a holistic view of the maritime sector having worked closely with a variety of maritime technology companies and interacting with to commodity traders, ship owners, private equity firms, hedge funds and boutique investment banks.

Top Businesses Using Our Services


  • “MariTrace has quickly become integral to our maritime domain awareness; accessible, comprehensive and with a highly responsive team at your fingertips, the platform provides users with all the tools necessary to make decisions.”

    Ambrey Logo

    Harry Pearce, Intelligence Manager
    ambreyrisk.com Ambrey Risk

  • “Our relationship with MariTrace is of crucial importance to ChartCo and through our close working relationship we have found their support, their systems, and their standards to be some of the best in the maritime industry.”

    ChartCo Logo

    Tony Brown, Head of Product Strategy
    chartco.com ChartCo

  • “Through our vital business association with MariTrace we have been consistently impressed by MariTrace's responsiveness, and their abilities. The services, support, and flexibility that MariTrace provides have impressed us. This has benefitted our own clients and, ultimately, our business.”

    Cornes Logo

    Moriyasu Saito
    cornes.co.jp ChartCo

  • “Maritrace are great to work with, always available, very proactive and hugely responsive. Above all they provide a great and reliable service and have become a truly trusted and dependable partner.”

    GNS Logo

    Phil Stothard, Chief Information Officer
    gnsworldwide.com Global Navigation Solutions

  • “The System is very user friendly and easy to use...MariTrace is presented in such a way as to be able to make executive decisions in quick time with the different information on regions, ports and countries which are available and readily updated.”

    Heidmar Logo

    David Lockwood, Global Quality Manager
    heidmar.com Heidmar

  • “We work closely with Maritrace and continue to be impressed by the timely, creative, and high quality work they provide to facilitate vessel tracking and intelligence, in support of our operations.”

    LGS Logo

    Jess Marlow, Operations Support Manager
    lgs.global LGS

  • “I absolutely love the mapping features that Maritrace offers. Having it on your desktop puts you a few intuitive clicks away from the great mapping features. That allows quick ship searches and tracking and access to the security plot in the High Risk Areas as well as as being able to zoom in and overlay charts all of which are really useful tools in everyday practice.”

    Tatham-Macinnes Logo

    Stephen Askins, Partner
    tatham-macinnes.com Tatham Macinnes LLP


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